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Called SofTouch® Plus for a good reason!

This hot/cold pack's surface feels so good. Frost-free, it eliminates shock to the skin and actually becomes softer with use!

Inside, a specially formulated gel ensures you stay cozy and warm or cool and refreshed! This gel does not crystallize, separate or lump. It is also:

  • pliable even when cold

  • non-toxic

  • biodegradable

    Convenient SofTouch® Plus cold/hot packs go directly from freezer or microwave to your skin. They are reusable, washable and easily disinfected.

    Numerous uses, including:

  • traumatic injuries

  • stress/tension

  • headaches/migraines

  • inflammation & swelling

  • pain management

    Features of our SofTouch® Hot/Cold Packs include:

    * Convenience Freezer or Microwave
    * Multiple uses.
    * Reusable, washable, easily disinfected
    * User Friendly Surface
    * Frost Free

    * Velcro Strap
    * Eliminates shock to skin
    * Becomes softer with use
    * Specially Formulated SofTouch Gel
    * Remains pliable when cold
    * Non-toxic
    * Biodegradable
    * Does not crystallize, separate, or slump

    Multiple Uses Include: Pain Management, Post-Operative, Inflammation, Swelling, Headaches/Migraines, Stress/Tension, Traumatic Injuries.

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